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2018 updates: I've removed all Strip establishments since we never go to the Strip anymore. Mermaids no longer exists, so it's also gone. Gas station beers? The new 'no glass bottles or aluminum cans' law has made buying tallboys less lucrative.


The Plaza Casino Bars $2 beers at all casino bars...includes Ginger's favorite: Bud Select. High class! $2.50 well drinks, too! Hopefully this is still the case, their website lists no drink specials and they've re-themed all of their restaurants. It also looks like the Plaza has a new place called The Biergarten. I bet it's too rich for our blood. Last summer, they offered dollar beers - this year, it looks like the special is a hot dog and a Coors/Coors Light for $2.


Triple 7 Brewery $2.00 16oz microbrews, wells, and house wines during the late night happy hour - 12a-7a (and from 3-6pm). They've added something to their late night drink menu called a Bloody Red Bull. It's Bloody Mary Mix, Red Bull, and Vodka. VOMIT. In the world's dumbest move, they offer these same microbrews 24/7 at any casino bar for $1.50.


Street Cocktails We used to stay away from the 'flair' bars lining Fremont Street, but in the last few years, we've found that they're a good value. For $15, you get a 32oz cocktail loaded with premium booze (I guess Absolut still counts as premium). Not a bad value and it lasts a while.


Atomic Liquor Store Never mind the name, this place is apparently a bar. Based on its location, we should probably head over there while it's still light out. We went last year and all I can say is: AWESOME. They sell tallboys of Busch's to go! Sadly, Atoomic Liquor Store is no more. We went during STBE 11 only to find the doors locked with the place looking uninhabited. We later found that it shut down in January, 2011. So sad. I'll keep checking back to see if someone has rescued this awesome place. - It's been re-opened as some sort of hipster paradise, but they still sell Busch on the cheap!!! We've also befriended the bartender, who makes us trash juice on demand (trashcan lemonade).


California, Main Street Station, Fremont $3 Corona, Heineken, and Bud Light at any casino bar all day long. $2.50 Triple Sevin Drafts all day.



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