STBE Fun So what exactly do you guys do?

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Theme Nights We dress up according to a theme and walk around as if nothing strange is going on.


Lounge Acts What is Vegas without cheesy lounge acts? We're close personal friends with T Fox and become part of the show! This site lists the performers and the lounges where they'll be performing. I also found Dave "the Saxman" Brown's website! I hope he still performs "Da Butt" with his partner Dynamic "D". I have no idea why he has quotes around his name. Oh good, the cheesy dance routines are still in effect, check out the video on his site. I'm so excited!


Mullet Hunting Vegas is prime hunting ground for the species that often eludes us in our own natural setting.


Champagne Brunch Be a lady! Act like a lady!


Midget Revues Hey, lightning could strike twice.


High Rollin' Which way to the penny slots?


Bargain Hunting We never met a drink coupon we didn't like.


Buffets We don't have a food page, but it might be fun to try the Buffet of Buffets offered by the Harrah's group of hotels. $29.99 gets you 24 hours of access to seven different buffets, including the Rio buffet.